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sabato 23 settembre 2017


Good News, curiosità e paradossi su società, viaggi, arte e comunicazione

Business aviation: Fasten seat belts Business aviation: Fasten seat belts

Business aviation: Fasten seat belts

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UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Insatiable Fly Title:  Business aviation Rubric:  A potentially huge market for corporate jets is opening up in China Location:  SHANGHAI Main image:  Nope, not big enough...
Palestine: No room for a new inn Palestine: No room for a new inn

Palestine: No room for a new inn

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UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Insatiable Fly Title:  Palestine Rubric:  The birthplace of Jesus is increasingly hemmed in ...

Cellular phones on planes: Time to make the right call

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THE GLOBAL BUSINESS TRAVEL ASSOCIATION, an important lobby for business-travel managers, is fighting a plan by America's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow cellular phone calls on planes, the Los Angeles Times reported recently.The group, which represents about 6,000 travel managers, called onboard calls "detrimental to business travelers." The association even quoted folk singer Pete Seeger, who borrowed heavily from the book of Ecclesiastes when he wrote "there is a time to keep silence and a time to speak."A period for public comment recently closed. Tom Wheeler, the FCC chairman, told the Washington Post last week that he was "the last person in the world who wants to listen to somebody talking on a plane." So the fact the regulator is pushing forward anyway should tell readers a bit about this issue. Gulliver, too, has no interest in listening to other people yak away midair. But your correspondents are split on this issue. My colleague has taken the same line as the GBTA and countless Americans who wrote in to the FCC, and argued for "a bit of state interference" to prohibit cell phones on planes. I have said that the regulator should back out of what is clearly an etiquette, rather than a safety, issue:It's not the rule of the federal government to enforce etiquette. Rude behaviour is legal, as it is in every other day-to-day ...

Chinese business travel: Look to the east

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CHINA could become the world's largest market for business travel as early as next year, according to a new report from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). The industry-group expects spending on business travel there to increase by 16.5% in 2014, more than twice as fast as GDP is forecast to grow. In 2015 it projects a 17.8% increase. That would bring total spending to $309.8 billion, and likely allow it to leapfrog America (the American market was worth $259 billion in 2012, according to the US Travel Association).As usual, some caveats are in order. China's population is several times larger than America's, so it will be a long time before its per capita business-travel spending draws even. And the vast majority of expenditure—an estimated 95%—is on domestic trips, so brands that don't have a presence in the country will have a hard time capturing a share. Still, passing America would represent an important milestone. It will no doubt cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth about that country's decline when it does finally happen. But despite the inevitable anxiety, it is a good thing for business travellers—not least because it will encourage continued infrastructure improvements in China, as GBTA highlighted in a press release:Over the last decade China’s largest airports have doubled in size and the construction of additional airports ...
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